Walt looked to hire the best of the best to help him build his vision—so he found a guy named Joe Fowler who was a retired navy shipbuilder.

Joe was known as “Mr. Can Do” for his ability to make any project work no matter how difficult…

Walt hired him because he hated hearing 2 things…

  • How much something would cost


  • “It can’t be done.”

Joe Fowler was willing to try and construct anything Walt conceived of in his imagination.


For example, once Joe and Walt were looking at a waterfall and there was a dressing room off to the side. Walt wanted the waterfall to split, and the performers to be able to come out, then to have the waterfall close behind them.

Joe simply said, “Can do.”

But at the time did not have any idea how to do it—but he ended up doing it.

That’s the kind of talent Walt needed to make Disneyland a reality, not a bunch of people telling him that things couldn’t be done.

And that’s the type of people you need to partner with to make your dream a reality too—people with a “can do” mentality.

#5 Perfecting the Dream

Disneyland was completed by July 1955.

You’d think that was it, dream accomplished, right?

But it was only just the beginning.

Chaos ruled on opening day.

  • Rides broke down
  • Concessions quickly ran out of food and drink
  • A gas leak was discovered in Fantasyland
  • The media gave critical reviews of the park

There was no shortage of problems.

Rather than be discouraged, Walt dug in and encouraged his team to handle the issues.

He decided to hold a media dinner to help mend relations with the press who were disappointed by the park on its first day.

And as time went on, he was able to better manage the rides and their consistency.

He kept developing the park as he understood better what was working and what wasn’t working.

Soon, Disneyland’s crowds far exceeded estimates.

He not only turned his idea into a reality, he turned what once was a mere fantasy into big business.

In 2018, Disney created over $59 billion in revenue.

Not bad for a guy that used to only have $40 in his pocket—and a dream.


Walt Disney made possible a company that today is now grossing $59 billion annually by:

  1. Persisting despite setbacks
  2. Getting personally invested and taking big risk
  3. Selling others on his ideas
  4. Building his dream by partnering with the right people
  5. Perfecting the finished product even after it was built

These same principles that worked for Walt—and for myself— can work for you.

Just as Walt changed family-centered entertainment throughout the world, and just as I’m changing sales and business training across multiple nationalities, you too can change the world in your own unique way.

See where you are and move yourself to the next stage:

Step 1: Are you still simply trying to get started? Keep persisting until you start to have some success. Remember Walt’s first cartoon didn’t succeed!

Step 2: Are you ready to start scaling after your initial success? Before you’ll ever be able to sell others on anything, you have to sell yourself on you, work hard, and take some personal risk. Remember, Walt worked hard in the studio for years producing quality films like Snow White and personally invested in his own business before he ever went to others about a crazy idea like a theme park.

Step 3: Are you ready to sell others to really launch the funding of your dream? If you’ve been growing and have had some success, it’s time to get others on board and really scale things. No small business stays at 2, 5, or even 20 employees if they want to reach the world. Remember, Walt couldn’t take his small studio and build the world’s most popular theme park without selling the concept to many outsiders.

Step 4: Are you ready to partner with the right people to make your dream into a workable reality? You’ve secured funding, now it’s time to make things actually happen. Go wrong here and you can still fail miserably. Remember, Walt teamed up with “Can Do” people.

Step 5: Are you ready to improve on what you’ve already built? The market will determine if what you build is quality or not, but you can always look for ways to make your already finished product or service better. Very rarely does anything stay the same forever. Remember, Disneyland still goes through refurbishments and renovations. As a matter of fact, Disney World was built in Orlando partly because it could offer more things that Disneyland by itself could never offer.

Are you ready to make your dream a reality?!

Be Great,


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