10X Events—a rapidly growing company that holds both large and small events throughout the year, including local community talks, 3-day business workshops, and international gatherings that include annual events like the 10X Growth Conference—which brings in up to 35,000 entrepreneurs and is already widely considered the best business conference in the world.

Cardone On-Demand—provides custom training used by companies to get unlimited access to training and support to increase sales and profit margins.

CardoneKern—a top digital marketing agency that uses geo-fencing, search retargeting, and behavioral buying intent ads to bring their clients more customers and more business.

Cardone Ventures—bypasses the traditional Wall Street banking and advising side of selling to raising capital and merging growing businesses without limitations or loss of value.

The Grant Cardone Foundation—a tax-exempt, non-profit organization that provides mentoring and financial literacy education to underserved and at-risk populations.

Grant Cardone Licensee—allows individuals with a passion for helping people to partner with Grant Cardone and capitalize by building a business as a certified speaker coach, and consultant with the entire Cardone Training Sales Library.

Point being, Cardone Enterprises has a lot going on.


It’s a long way from what used to be a single company, the solopreneur act of Grant going door-to-door seeking out clients by his lonesome.

That was your Uncle G a long time ago.

Today, he now has 150+ employees, and here is a quick history of what’s taken place:

Houston ——>La Jolla: Grant takes his SMALL business from basically a desk in Houston to a sizable house on the cliffs of La Jolla. Still, at this point, it’s basically a home-based business where Grant traveled year-round to keep the register ringing.

La Jolla ——> Los Angeles: Grant makes the big move to LA and rents office space on the Sunset strip near Hollywood. It works well for a small team under 10.

Los Angeles——> Miami Beach: For tax reasons, Grant moves his growing business to the other side of the country to the top floor of a bank building in a vibrant neighborhood a block from the beach. His team quickly grows from a handful of employees to over 50.

Miami Beach to the brand new 10X Headquarters: After moving 5 miles up the road, Grant’s team expands from 50 to over 150 in short order. Now the walls are coming down and this is becoming a BIG BUSINESS.

The new workspace, being equipped with open ceilings, glass offices, and state-of-the-art lounges…along with the unrelenting expansion of the company each and every month…is only going to invite further growth as the most talented web developers, the best salespeople, and the top real estate experts in the nation are flocking to work at 10X Headquarters.


As 10X Headquarters continues to grow, so does the 10X movement:

Singapore, Sydney, Bangkok, Dubai, London, Tokyo, Bucharest, Kuala Lumpur, Fiji, and St. Peterseburg…these are just a few of the cities Grant is going to spread the simple truth that YOU CAN 10X YOUR LIFE.

You can join the 10X Movement by getting your seat at the world’s greatest 3-day conference designed to get you more income and build your ideal life…right HERE.

Just as 10X Headquarters is being remodeled…you can remodel your life.

You can CHANGE IT if you don’t like it.

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