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If you want to really max-out the income opportunities in your career, you must make sure that you stay interested in your customer, no matter the outcome. This is a big mistake that we have all made when we don’t follow up enough on those people that are not immediate sales or maybe even with those customers that we were not successful in selling.

Remember people are more concerned and interested in themselves, their families, their businesses and their lives than they are in your products, plans and programs.

It is vital that you continue to stay in touch with people and show interest in them throughout the year, not just when they are shopping or buying.

Make investments in showing your interest in those prospects you don’t sell today. The ancient saying, “you reap what you sow” suggests the same thing. Stay in touch, keep plowing the field and planting seeds of, “I am interested in you.”

If you do this persistently, it will sprout green in the future.

Look, you can’t expect to make a withdrawal from your bank account if you haven’t made the right number and size of deposits over time.

Technology can make this so much easier today. You can send emails, text messages, a tweet mentioning a client or others to follow, a post about a prospect’s company on your facebook page, a personal visit, or even a short video.


63% of people requesting information on your product will not purchase for 3 months.

That means for 2/3 of your clients you need to be paying attention to you for 90 days.

 20% won’t buy for more than a year.

83% of people are not buying anything for somewhere between 90 days and 12 months.

Some of the most loyal customers I’ve had took the longest to get. It’s vital to have superb follow-up, to have strategies, tactics, and a schedule to close customers later who you don’t close today.

With repetitive follow up you will learn things you wouldn’t with minimal follow-up, like that the “decision maker” you’ve been talking to isn’t actually the decision maker.

When I was 27 I was in a company and didn’t have any executive power, but I was the shot caller. If you could get to me I could get it done. Most vendors had no idea I was the most influential person in the company.

The point is, proper follow up can show you who the real influencers are and give you monster numbers of new sales.

The Purpose of Follow Up

The purpose of the follow up is to demonstrate INTEREST in this person and those things that are important to them.

You must be creative to stay INTERESTED.

Great sales people are creative, not at selling, but as entrepreneurs. Look for creative solutions to show interest in your clients.

Technology like CRM’s, e-calendars, automated reminders or an old fashion day timer will not make you great at follow up. That takes dedication and motivation on your part.

Creative follow up only comes after a commitment to making investments in staying interested in people. Then you must be consistent (not sporadic) and most importantly persist over a long duration until the person you are taking interest in actually becomes touched at your genuine interest in them.

This will forever separate you from the rest of the field. I talk about these sales concepts and more in my bestselling books, which you can get for free.


Most all salespeople neglect staying interested in their clientele and they pay the price when they finally get in front of the neglected customer. Persistent contact, for example, 12 contacts over a six-month period of time, will make the next sale more possible and more profitable.

Once I was bidding on a large apartment complex in Tampa, Florida. The real estate group and seller awarded the deal to another buyer and the agent’s firm didn’t even take the time to call and inform me.

Does this group think I was only interested in their product and will never buy another apartment building? Or maybe their business is so good right now that they can afford to ignore me as a potential buyer?

The reality is, he had more buyers looking for apartment product than he could fulfill. This guy must have thought that the good times will last forever when we all know it will not.

The real professional business person isn’t just a salesman and knows and plans for the inevitable cycles that occur in sales. The real pro KNOWS the fastest ways to separate one’s self from the rest of the field is through creative, consistent and persistent follow up.

Interesting this problem with follow up isn’t just confined to Tampa. I once bought 242 units in Austin, Texas. The broker that sold me the property never even called me back to thank me or to see if I was interested in other product.

It’s beyond hilarious to me.

On top of that, the person that provided me with the Fannie Mae loan, who did an unbelievable job for me, did follow up but not creatively, consistently and with persistence over a period of time.

Since closing on that deal, I have sold the Austin property, using a different broker, and I have bought or have under contract many more units. The original real estate broker could have earned a commission on me buying the property and then selling it for me 6 months later but he didn’t.

The lender could have provided me with funding on six more deals since that time. CRAZY!


Your future in your business will be determined by your ability and willingness to be creative, consistent and persistent in staying interested in your customers through FOLLOW UP.

Every contact is greasing the line, lubricating the relationship, separating yourself from all the other players and demonstrating to your customer that you are there for them all the time, not just when its time to close the deal.

I assure you that by being creative, consistent and persistent in staying interested and following up with customers you sell, as well as those you don’t sell, will improve your self-esteem, improve your closing ratios, increase your sales and is the number one ingredient to improving your profits and margins.

A handful of follow up calls or emails means nothing to most of your clients and will only feel ‘salesy’ to them. It is only when you get very creative on a consistent basis and then persist over time that you will start to see the relationship become something more than just a contact, lead or opportunity.

If you want to have specific motivation and examples of great ways to follow up check out Cardone University.


Everyone knows follow up is important, but most people never do enough of it to make a difference and then start thinking follow up doesn’t work.

And they are right, follow up does NOT work until you are able to get creative, consistent and persistent over long periods of time. And remember no piece of technology, CRM or call center can do this for you. It is completely up to you.

Be Great,


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