Make today the first day of your 10X super life. I’m assuming that like most people, 2020 affected you somehow.  Maybe you managed to get by, maybe you took a beating, whatever, the point is that you could be doing better and I want to help you get to where you can be, where you deserve to be.

That is why I started the 10X Challenge. To get more details -> CLICK HERE.

Now you’re probably thinking, “How am I going to add anything else to my plate right now, Grant?” Yeah, I know you have a lot going on and probably feel overwhelmed right now. Whatever you have going on, most likely, you’re working every freaking day and you’re not making enough money. That describes way too many people today, especially after all the craziness of 2020. Now it’s time to get to work on turning things around and creating your 10X Super Life which is simply the best life you can live.

This is a personal coaching exercise that I put together where we are going to lay the foundation for your 10X Super Life. I know it’s a lot to take in but we’re taking things step-by-step and I promise you that it will all fall into place if you commit and stick with it.

First, I want you to grab a pen, sit down and write down your goals in the following seven categories:



What’s income? That’s the money that you make every month. Write down your current goals for income. If you haven’t done this in a while, it’s going to be an absolutely marvelous exercise for you.



What level of wealth do you want? Just to be clear, wealth means finances. How much money do you want your net worth wealth to be? Once again, this is your goal, not your current situation.


Physical Condition:

What kind of physical condition do you want to be in if everything was possible?  Close your eyes and visualize your ideal physical condition. If it’s a weight thing, if it’s a size thing, if it’s the way you feel about yourself physically on the inside, just write it down.



What does spirituality mean to you? Are you connected spiritually? Maybe you don’t believe in anything? Maybe you’re an atheist? Maybe you just believe in a higher power and just want to be a good person who does the right thing. That’s fine. Just write that down.



When I talk about family, most people think of their spouse and their kids. I want you to broaden your definition of family right now. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. Family is the big picture. It’s everyone.



Now we’re talking. The fun stuff. Recreation is that trip to Las Vegas or maybe it’s skiing in Colorado. Maybe you’ve been dying to go to Paris your whole life or you always dreamed of going on safari in Africa? Write down your recreational goals. Do not limit yourself. Big thinking gets big results.



Your professional situation is about more than just how much money you make. What’s your title? What are your responsibilities? How do people see you? How do they talk to you? How do they talk about you? Who listens to you? All of these things indicate where you are professionally. Once you assess this, you can form a clearer picture of where you want to be.

With your goals in black and white in front of you, you’ve just taken the first massive step towards bouncing back from whatever 2020 threw at you and for laying the foundation of your 10X Super Life. Most people don’t even do it once a year and you just did it. If you got hung up on anything, just let your imagination go right here, okay? Just think big. Think massive, which is a word you’re going to get to know real well, real soon.

Now what I want you to do is to go down the list you just made for your goals for income, wealth, physical condition, spirituality, family, recreation and profession and I want you to multiply each of them times 10X as in 10 times to the X-treme!

Now, once again, don’t get hung up in what happens here. Okay?

Commit First. Figure It Out Later.

The genius will follow the commitment, not vice-versa. Once you increase your commitment the mechanics will fall into place. The solutions will present themselves. The magic will happen, okay? Just commit and the rest will follow. What I’m telling you to do is the basis of living a 10X Super Life. It’s about doing, not worrying. It’s about action, not words. It might be a new way of thinking for you but DO NOT QUIT on this exercise. If you don’t 10X your life, you’re never going to get paid, money, freedom, whatever. You have to go to 10X. How jacked up are you right now? Feels good,right? That’s the power of 10X inside you.


If you want to 10X your life you must register for my 10-Day 10X Challenge.

Start your 10X Super Life today!

CLICK HERE to enter the challenge.



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