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Great Sales People never give up on a client

How to be a professional in a world of amateurs

How to become great in sales

Get all 20 rules of closing

Get Grant Cardone’s Theory of Closing the Deal

Rules of the Sales Process

Learn the Differences Between Amateurs and Pros

Get Over the Price Myth

The Most Important Sale

Understand the Mind of the Buyer

Learn About Money

Develop Your Own Pitch

Get Grant’s Closing Strategies

Learn to Negotiate

365-Day Follow-Up Strategy

Master Cold-Calling

Handle Objections like a Pro

Tap Into the Power of Prediction

Increase Your Income

Learn to Never Be Out of Work

Increase the Number of Your Income Flows

Fill up Your Pipeline With Quality Prospects

Manage Money Like the Wealthy

Learn the Traits of the Most Successful Salespeople

Motivation from Grant to Stay on Course

Frequently Asked Questions

¤ How long do I have access to the platform?

Once you register you will have 12 months access, depending on the program you invest in. You have access the platform as often as you like during that time.

¤ Is there a physical University to attend?

Cardone University is an online platform, complemented by live sessions with a trainer, depending on your needs. The basis of the program is online online only for your convenience to be accessed anywhere, anytime, on any mobile, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

¤ Who is this best suited for?

Anyone who wants to get more out of life and business. Artists, Automotive Salespeople, Doctors, Roofers, Phone Salespeople, and anyone else who has a dream that needs to be brought to market.

¤ How long will it take to complete?

That depends on you. There are over 1500 segments of video on the platform. We suggest you do 4-5 segments per day plus the testing and it will take roughly one year to finish at this pace if you do not repeat any content. Our studies show that repeated content is retained better over time.

¤ Is this for a company or a single userомпании или за индивидуални записвания е програмата?

This program is intended both for individual users and entrepreneurs, as well as whole businesses and teams.


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