Sell or be Sold


Would you rather sell or be sold?

The ability to sell is as crucial to your success as food, water, and oxygen are to your life.

This is your exclusive access to success essentials of:

  • Selling in a bad economy

  • Overcoming call reluctance

  • Filling your pipeline with new business

  • Staying positive, despite rejection

  • Utilizing social media and avenues on how to propel your business goals

If you’re serious about selling, Sell Or Be Sold is the Sales Bible! Take action. Buy it, read it and apply it. It will help you dominate your field.


„I picked up Sell or Be Sold today and I have not been able to put it down. This book is nothing short of incredible—basics defined as never before and the truth of life and selling as one entity.“

John Hamlin, CEO, Hamlin & Associates


“No matter where you fall in the ‘food chain of life,’ you need to be able to sell yourself to others. Grant Cardone not only generates an awareness of this need, but helps you develop the skills to persuade others to see it your way.“

—J. C. Walter III, president, Walter Oil & Gas Corporation


Sell or Be Sold gives information that will cause you to think about where you fit into the ‘spiritual’ economy of the world and how you can grow to meet your life’s needs and goals.“

—Dale Christensen, CEO, NOI Investments


“This book is straight-to-the-point, clear talk that any professional will welcome and benefit from. Even if you are not a sales pro, it will sell you on sales as the most indispensable ability to make your own dreams fly.”

—Harvey Schmiedeke, president, Survival Strategies

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