Watch Grant Cardone’s 10X Your Business and Life seminar in Prague and Sofia, and learn the ONLY difference between success and failure in any area of life. Stop settling. Reach your dreams.

Grant will offer real world advice and tips to create greatness in your business and life. You will learn how to 10X Your Finances, 10X Your Business, 10X Your Social Media, and 10X Your Life.

Тake advantage of the special OFFER for Group Registrations!

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Based on the book, “The 10 X Rule, The Only Difference Between Success and Failure”by Grant Cardone, NY Times Bestselling Author


10X Your Business and Life with NY Times Bestselling Author and Motivator in Business and Life, Grant Cardone as he takes his popular 10X Seminar to beautiful  Prague and Sofia.

Get the tools you need to achieve greatness in your life. What’s it worth to you to 10X Your LIFE?

This priceless package is NOW available On-Demand  for here.

At the 10X seminar you will get

real world insights on how to:

Boost your business and dominate you industry

“Dominate, do not compete”

Grant will show you how to stand out in your workplace or business, get attention, and become a valued player in the marketplace. You’ll rethink the way you and will redefine the purpose for why you work and may even be inspired to change your entire approach to business.

Tackle personal and people behaviors in your organization

“Your people are either your biggest asset or your biggest liability. Either way, your people are your biggest opportunity.”

Do you miss on a service orientation, responsibility taking or team work and cooperation? Do you wonder how to engage and empower your people better? Do you want to increase your productivity levels? Don’t miss this session.

Manage your finances

“Making a lot of money is one thing, getting rich another. Creating wealth – that’s what very few people ever learn.

Want more out of life? What do you need to do to generate more income? Find out from a self made multi-millionaire. Learn about the common money myths and money traps; and switch your thinking from budgeting and saving to achieving true financial freedom and prosperity.

How to survive in the turbulent economic environment

“While the economy is problematic it is not ‘the’ problem.“

Collecting your money from poor payers; shrinking consumption and consumer behavior; growing in a small market; business education of youth professionals – hear more on all critical milestones in front of the businesses.

10X Your Social Media

Learn from the man voted #1 sales expert to follow on Twitter, who has used virtually every social medium to gain attention for himself and his business. Understand how to use social media to boost your business in a way that is affordable and fast! From Facebook to YouTube get the tips you need to get started and get a following on social media.

10X Your Life!

Have you ever set a goal only to watch it fade away? Are you excited about where you are headed the next 5, 10, 20, 40 years of your life? It’s time to take your goals and multiply them by 10. In this amped up session you will come away with a new approach towards setting and attaining goals in all areas of your life.

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