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Cash in Your Diploma

I am a regular viewer of Cardone Zone and Young Hustlers, but I first came into contact with Grant when my Dad gave me his book for Christmas. My Dad said, “They won’t teach you this in business school: sales. No matter what you choose to go into you are selling in some way, and this guy has a lot of great lessons to share.” I finished The 10x Rule on that very day, and started following Grant throughout the rest of my college career. Here are three lessons that I have learned from him that helped me publish an Amazon Bestselling book at 21 years old.
Hustle can overcome a lot of obstacles. I had never received an A in Grammar, nor have I ever proclaimed to be strong in the subject. I felt that I had learned a lot through trying and failing many times with internships, and that I had a lot of value to add to students looking to jumpstart their career during school. I followed Grant’s advice of staying the road and being persistent. I went through six cover designers, and had many naysayers saying that a college kid couldn’t publish a book. In your darkest times where you are close to quitting, keep putting one foot in front of the other. And not only that, step up your effort levels to push yourself to be better.
Grant talks about setting the bar high and really driving towards that goals without making excuses. I wanted to write a book that helped the most students I possibly could, and I wanted to seek great mentors to guide me through the writing process. I knew writing my first book would be a long toil and I wanted some successful authors to reach out to for advice. I tweeted and emailed Grant several times and he responded with some amazing advice that has played a huge part in the books success. I think that is says a lot about Grant’s character that he took the time to respond to a stranger with advice. Thank you Grant!
It all comes down to selling product. You could write the best book this world has ever seen, but if no one knows about it then help and enjoyment is brought to very few. I am still in the process of working on my marketing and sales efforts but Grant’s content online and in his books has helped me get the book into Universities and high schools as required reading, and they have seen a lot of success with it.

Hey Grant!
This subject reflects exactly how I feel about this year and the rest of my life. I have been preparing for this since November, and now everything feels right and I have found a purpose with what I’m doing.
My name is Stevan and I’m contacting you from South Africa, turning 21 in February. I started a career in sales and business in January 2013 for the telecommunications industry.
I had a rough idea of what I was in for when I started because I had a friend who introduced me to this great position. With a fresh start and no skills, I didn’t even know how to cold call. My nerves were shocked with the first cold call, but I slowly started and made my first sale just after one month, with help I must admit. During the next 3 months I got not one sale. That’s when I stumbled on your material on YouTube (you broke through the noise as you have always preached).
Now I realize what the past 8 months of learning have done for me. From setting goals to financial planning and prospecting, breaking through the noise and the amount of action that should be taken. I can list thousands of things that I have learnt, and now I understand what it means to truly care for the clients needs.
I am focused, I have my goals, which are always under review and are at 10X. I’m excited by life and the success I will be leading with.
Thanks and have a great new year!”

Stevan Boskovic

Johannesburg, South Africa

Joe Dorazio

United Labs, Inc.

Grant, I personally want to take a moment now to Thank You very much for your contribution to the sales industry and assisting someone like myself.
Tomorrow will be the first day in my new position as national field sales trainer for United Laboratories Inc. (We specialize in Earth Smart/Bio Based Chemicals) traveling to Sioux Falls, SD. I can honestly say since coming across your materials a year and a half ago it has played a major role in where I am at today.
As Jim Rohn put it; ‘Work harder on yourself than you do on your job, you will have more value to the market place.’ And with your books I went from a measly $28k to my now $50k salary + commission position in one year.
My goal this year is $120k and the sky’s the limit from there. I am 26 years old with no more than an associate’s degree, from a middle class family like yourself. I aspire to continuously 10X every aspect of my life and breakout of this mental prison called the middle class and you’ve certainly given me the key to the lock that I will be sure to spread throughout my trainings this year to others. Happy New Year! I look forward to seeing all you have in store this year…
P.S. Keep Cardone Zone going! I am a loyal follower/listener, great stuff!

Hey Grant!
Just wanted to say that I have just listened to your audio book “The 10x Rule” through Audible.com and I love it! I’m an animator/illustrator and my husband and I own two companies based here in New Zealand. I really enjoyed reading your book and found it entertaining and helpful. I also love the way that you make references to your family in the book too.
I initially came across your videos on YouTube which led me to your book. I hope you make a visit to NZ one day
Take care, all the best to you, your family and team. Thanks for writing the book!


December, 4, 2013

Marco Bernini

December 2, 2013

Special shout out to David Bradley and Cardone On-Demand!! Our store, Luther Brookdale Toyota sold a monster 50 cars on Saturday making our 2 day Black Friday total 77 units. Thanks for helping prepare our outstanding sales staff! FYI our dedicated staff watched an average of 3.8 segments per day, per salesperson.

Dedication & commitment = SUCCESS!

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